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Josh's Pizza Video

The Dump

Gem City JazzCats - April 2018

The Great Eclipse Expedition - August 2017

Cabo San Lucas - The Pirate Adventure - February 2017

New York, New York - March, 2016

Reno - on tour at the UNR campus - September, 2016

Sand Diego and Los Angeles - exploring SoCal - August, 2016

Carson City - Jazz and Beyond Festival Opening Nite - August, 2016

Oregon - tripping on the Flying Eagle Canoe - July, 2016

Los Angeles - Evan sings a duet with Sam Cooke - April, 2016

Cabo San Lucas - with Stephanie - March, 2016

Cows - see them now for they are soon gone - February, 2016

Cabo San Lucas - Snorkeling from the Eco-Cat - December, 2015

Cabo San Lucas - aboard the Yellow Submarine - October, 2015

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Carson City - work is great; I can watch it all day - August, 2014

Downieville - May, 2013

Memories of Jerry - 2011

Las Vegas - Superbowl - February, 2011

Fred - as we know and love him - October, 2010

Dedication of Treadway Park - July, 2010

This one is not my video, but you'll like it.
Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole - Somewhere over the Rainbow
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